In progress

October 2020

  • Collect phone numbers to enrich fan profiles

    Start collecting phone numbers from your biggest fans. The best, future-proof, way to stay in touch with your fans.

November 2020

  • Social Unlock campaigns


  • Dead Simple Analytics

    Not an expert in Google Analytics? We understand. Let Roadie filter the most important metrics for you, like: how many fans came to your website to buy tickets, and are your social posts actually driving fans to your website.

  • Build your tracklist and update your team on recent achievements

    Keep track of your milestones on this journey to success. Share data with your team and make sure they are always up to date on the latest events. All your career highlights in one place; onto the next achievement!

  • Easy show accounting

    Keep track of your final ticket sales, turn outs, earned fees and your show rating, to base your future decisions on real data instead of a gut feeling.


August 2020

  • Roadie Admin

    Our Admin is the place for you to update all your content related to your website, releases and tour dates. We understand you rather work on your music then filling out forms on your phone. Therefore we worked hard and designed an easy to use interface so you're latest release will be added to your website in no time.

February 2020

  • Press Release pages to pitch new releases and tours

    Convince editors of prominent blogs to write about your upcoming release. Everything they need to know about you and your release on one beautiful page. Know exactly who of your contacts listened to the track you sent them, and how far they progressed. Useful info to priorities your follow up emails!

December 2019

  • Releases overview page

    Your releases deserve to be heard. We'll showcase them all in chronological order on this Releases overview page. We'll cut back the amount of releases shown on the homepage to the most recent ones and guide your fans from there to see your full catalog.

  • Videos overview page

    All your Videoclips, Live Sessions and Behind The Scenes documentary's gathered in one place. Makes it real easy for fans to stick around and binge-watch them all. Without any distraction that YouTube would expose them to (think notifications, videos of other channels they're interested in).

November 2019

  • Electronic Press Kits (EPK) made in a breeze

    Make a strong first impression. An electronic press kit (EPK) is essential for every artist. Make yours stand out to get high response rates.

October 2019

  • Tour landing pages

    Create a seperate page for every one of your tours. Easily guide fans from socials to the right places to buy tickets for your upcoming shows. Or put shows onto different tour pages, based on their territories, so you can promote (and advertise) them to the right audience.

September 2019

  • Display shows near visitor as 'Shows near you'

    Based on your website visitor's location, we display the shows that are close to them on top of your tour schedule as 'Shows near you'. Shows must be located within 100km reach of the visitors location to be marked as 'near'.

  • Facebook Messenger chat plugin

    Allow fans to start a conversation with you and stay in touch with them via the Messenger platform even when they leave your website. Including option to welcome visitors with a custom message.

August 2019

  • Release landings pages (auto-created)

    Each track, album or EP you release will automatically get it's own page on your website. Super easy to share with your fans. And you keep track of the data automatically. All on your own domain!

  • Add location data to Newsletter App sign ups at shows

    Enhance fan profiles with location data when they sign up via the Newsletter App at your shows. This way you can target the audience for your next newsletter better and don't bug fans who aren't living in the regions your upcoming tour will be passing through.

July 2019

  • Audio player with previews of your most popular tracks

    This 'Listen Now' button gives people, who're not familiar with your music yet, a quick introduction to your most popular songs (according to Spotify) without leaving the website. A great start to turn new visiotors into lifelong fans.

  • Video landing pages

    You can create a seperate page for every videoclip you release. This means you can make sure your fans watch your video and not get distracted of all other content on YouTube. Give them some insights on the storyline, who directed the video and more. You might even catch some extra newsletter subscribers this way!

May 2019

  • Social media & music services buttons

    Let your fans find out even more about you and your music via the social and music platforms you're most active. Nicely designed buttons are available for fans to see more once they saw all of your website.

April 2019

  • Send beautiful mailings to your fans

    We've designed an easy to use email template for you to craft professional looking newsletters. Populate tour data and releases from your Roadie account, add a short message for a personal touch and give it a swing!

March 2019

  • Grow your mailing list at shows with our Newsletter App

    Social media platforms come and go. Donโ€™t rely on fans to find you on the next big thing. Build your own mailing list instead. Create that one-on-one connection fans appreciate and convert visitors of your shows into subscribers with our helpful tools.

February 2019

  • MailChimp integration

    We know you'd love to keep using the tools you're familiar with. Therefore we made sure the e-mail addresses of your fans go straight into you MailChimp mailing list. Ready for you to shoot them an update on your upcoming shows and releases.

  • Get your website up in minutes

    Easy to use website to showcase your sound and live shows. Two customisable looks. Link your own domain name. Add and schedule new tour dates and releases easily via the Roadie Admin.

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