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Easy to use website to showcase your sound and live shows. Two customisable looks. Link your own domain name. Add and schedule new tour dates and releases easily via the Roadie Admin.

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Improve the success of your releases

Each track, EP or album you release will get its own page on your website. Super easy to share with your fans.

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Make your decisions based on facts

Not an expert in Google Analytics? We understand. Let Roadie filter the most important metrics for you, like: how many fans came to your website to buy tickets, and are your social posts actually driving fans to your website.

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Build your mailing list

Social media platforms come and go. Don’t rely on fans to find you on the next big thing. Build your own mailing list instead. Create that one-on-one connection fans appreciate and convert visitors of your shows into subscribers with our helpful tools.

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Stay in touch with fans

We've designed an easy to use email template for you to craft professional looking newsletters. Populate tour data and releases from your Roadie account, add a short message for a personal touch and give it a swing!

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Roadie's easy to use mail template for Mailchimp

Leave anytime

We value transparency. Cancel your Roadie subscription any time, and take all your data & insights we collected during our collaboration. Transfer your mailing list to a new provider. Or export all your future and past shows to use on a different profile. We're here to help, not to screw you.

What's yours is yours, and we keep it that way!

Features we’re working on

Press Release pages

Convince editors of prominent blogs to write about your upcoming release. Everything they need to know about you and your release on one beautiful page.

Career highlights

Keep track of your career milestones and create helpful overviews to impress industry people with your accomplishments.

Easy show accounting

Ticket sales, turn outs, fees and show ratings. Base future decisions on real data instead of gut feeling. And no worries, we remind you each after show to fill out these stats.

See more upcoming features on our roadmap

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Your questions answered.

What is Early Access and what can I expect?

Early Access is what's usually called the "Beta" phase. As this is the first released version of Roadie, the service isn't fully finished yet, but definitely ready to use. You might experience a few hiccups, but these won't be big issues as we test our software thoroughly before we release anything online.

There are only 50 Early Access accounts available and they come with great benefits:

  • You stay on the discounted price of €250 p/y, as long as you use your account
  • You get access to the newest tools and features we develop before anyone else does.
  • As a bonus, we help you setup your account. For free.

Do I need any design or coding skills?

No, not at all! We know you're creative, but don't expect you to have any experience in design or coding. Roadie's Admin is so simple, you could even ask your mom to update your website!

Can I use my own domain name?

Sure! You can connect your own domain to your Roadie website. This way fans can visit your brand new website on the same URL they're used to. In fact, it's the only way to use Roadie. We want you to have your own 'home' online. And don't worry, we help you set things up!

Why is there only one template?

We start Roadie's Early Access phase with one template and will later add more templates. We understand your desire for choice in terms of layouts and style, but for now we've chosen to give other features more priority. We can only spend our time once!

Why do you charge for Early Access accounts?

Cause we're confident you'll love the service and use it to add value to your career. We fully trust in the product we ship and believe it's worth the €250 p/y we charge early adopters. For those who are not satisfied we offer 100% money back guarantee. Yes, we're that confident!

Who's working on Roadie?

Our team exists of me (Joep, founder & developer) and two freelancer designers who work on all things visual.

If you're interested, you can find out more about the maker.

Will Roadie still exist 5 years from now?

Like with any business, the future of Roadie is reliant on the amount of customers that are willing to pay for its service. Since Roadie is a very new product, we can't predict its long term future yet. What we can promise is that we do everything we can to make this service work.

We assure you we're in it for the long haul and hope to support your carreer as long as it lasts!

More questions? Contact us at support@getroadie.com or tweet @getroadie

Meet the maker

My name is Joep, artist manager of Adam Barnes and founder of boutique concert promoter Curated. In years of working with upcoming artist, I've seen them struggle to grow new fans and make money from their fanbase. You might experience similar issues?

It's tough, and hard to start, I understand. Especially without any marketing or business background. But with a plan, some support and consistent work, you can make big improvements over time. You can do it. I'm sure. It's even not that hard. You just need the right tools and a bit of guidance. This is where Roadie comes in; professional, easy to use, marketing tools that help you grow and monetise your fanbase.

I believe artists are of huge value to our society. They move and connect people with their music and therefore deserve to make a living of their craft.

My aim for Roadie is to be the service that helps independent artists have a profitable career. Make sure they're able to make people happy with their craft.

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